Grooming Services and Products

Pet Spa Products:

100% Vegan, Cruelty Free Mild pet safe fragrances

Scentsy Best Bud Suds Shampoo 16 oz. $15

No knot Spot Detangler Spay $10

Doggie Deodorant Spray $10

Pet Odor Eliminating Bundles:

Dog Bundle: $45

Best Bud Suds Pup Shampoo, Freshen Up Pup Deodorizing Spray, Scentsy Fabric spay for pet bedding and a Scentsy room spray

Cat Bundle: $47

plug in fan diffuser for litter box area, Scent pods for the fan diffuser and fabric spray for bedding

All products are subject to sales tax and shipping. Products will be shipped directly to you house.

To order please call or text Gretchen at Velvet Paws 781-859-7985!