Meet Badittle the Wonder Dog!

The story of Badittle the Wonder Dog

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Hi I’m Badittle the Wonder Dog.  Aslo know as, Bandit.I am some kinda chihuahua/ xolo mix. I have some hair but my belly is completely bald.I am 3 years old and I weigh 7.2 pounds! I live on a farm in CT with my family. But when I started my life it was a lot different then it is now. I almost didn’t make it!  My little life was almost over before it even began. 

Me at the Vet Hospital

I can hardly remember my first family. I was only a few weeks old. I know there were a lot of other dogs and some human kids. The first thing I really remember was my belly hurting and feeling really sick. My humans took me to the Vet. I don’t really know what happened but the Vet said I had parvo virus and that since I only weighed 3 pounds and was so young, my chances of recovering were not good. I was really scared. Especially because my human family left me at the vet and never came back. They had told the vet to put me down. I remember thinking “Put me down? I ‘m so sick I can’t even get up!”  I don’t know what I did wrong. I didn’t mean to get sick. I thought I was a good dog.

I spent the next three months at the vet office. They gave me lots of fluids and medicine and took very good care of me. Finally I got better. I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to go home to my family. But they never came for me. I was so scared and sad. What would happen to me? Had I fought so hard to get better for nothing?

A nice lady came from a rescue and took me home with her. She had alot of other dogs and they were really nice. They shared their bed with me and let me play with them. I liked it there, But then one day the lady put me in a cage and put me on a big truck. It was full of other dogs in cages. They were all bigger and louder than me. It was very scary. We drove all night. Then in the morning all the cages were put in a big barn. People came in and walked around and looked at us. I sat quietly and watched. I was just a little guy and this place was so big. I was very overwhelmed. I wanted to go home to my family or back to the vet. Anywhere but there. 

Thats when I first met my mama. My love of all my life. She came right up to my cage and looked at me with big blue eyes. She said in a soft voice “Hi Panda!” Yes my name was Panda back then. It was the sweetest voice in the hold world. My mama lifted me out of the cage and took me home. I live on a big farm with another big fluffy dog named Gaia, three cats (that I love to chase) and chickens! Best of all I have lots of warm blankets to snuggle in and a family who will never leave me!

Me and Mama

They did rename me though. My mom said she was going to rename me  Bandit. Because I survived the Parvo and there is some famous guy named the Bandit and “he’s gonna do what they say can’t be done” But my momma likes to call me Badittle! Because I am her little bandit boy!

My fuzzy Sister!

I’m just a 7 pound mostly hairless little dog with a new life……Come follow me on instagram @velvetpawspets